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Revamping the management of onboard medical emergencies

On-board medical emergencies are unpredictable, and while the cabin crew receive first aid training during their onboarding process in all airlines to get the skills needed to deal with some cases, other cases would require the intervention of a certified medical professional who will be able to diagnose a more complicated medical case and provide the needed support that is beyond the cabin crew’s capabilities. This is where SkyClin comes to help airlines manage the intervention with such medical emergencies through its Doctor On Board Program.

Challenging Outdated Procedures

Airlines have a set procedure to search for a medical professional on board a flight when a medical emergency strikes on board and the flight crew recognize that it is are beyond their basic first aid training. The procedure has not changed since almost the inception of commercial travel; this is where the cabin crew make an announcement to ask for a doctor on board by calling “ladies and gentlemen, if there is a doctor on board please hit your call button”.

This traditional procedure comes with its own cons to name a few:


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SkyClin manages collaborations between airlines and doctors through its Doctor on Board Program to ensure there is a doctor on every flight who is located to the crew preflight and is equipped with the needed knowledge on the available medical equipment on board and the airline’s procedures to managing in-flight medical emergencies.

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