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SkyClin is a cross-collaboration platform between medical professionals and airlines that was founded to revamp the process of managing medical emergencies during flights, with an aim to make the process more efficient and eventually reduce unnecessary flight diversions and the associated costs that might result due to false alarms or the lack of the proper medical care.

We provide airlines with a pool of professional and well-trained doctors who will be ready to support the crew during medical emergencies and together work towards a common goal: "Provide the needed medical care for passengers and ensure airlines make educated decisions during medical emergencies."


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Winning In Innovation


SkyClin was an outcome of Royal Jordanian’s Innovation Lab that was founded within the airline for its employees back in 2016 to come-up with innovative solutions to problems and challenges that faces the airline industry. The project tackled the problem of the growing numbers of in-flight medical emergencies and the diversions made as a result of.


The project received astounding recognition from the airline’s leadership and was agreed to be launched as a pilot project in 2018 to test the solution on a narrow scale. After three years of servicing the airline and showcasing the year-on-year success and growth of the program through its pilot phase, SkyClin is now ready to take-off and go live on a full scale, so seat belts sign is now switched we are ready to welcome more airlines and medical professionals on board our journey.


SkyClin and Royal Jordanian resumed the agreement for the first time after the COVID pandemic, and the process for booking for the doctors and identifying them to the crew has been revamped.