We make sure the answer is "yes"when someone asks: “Is there a doctor on board?”

SkyClin manages a pool of doctors to support airlines during medical emergencies through the Doctor on Board program. A member doctor of SkyClin when travelling for personal or work reasons, can book through SkyClin to get advantage of the discounts offered by the member airlines. SkyClin in return will identify the doctor to the crew by name and seat number so as to be approached by the crew whenever their assistance is needed.

Supporting doctors along the way

During the onboarding process of the doctor into SkyClin, the doctor will receive a brief introduction about the available medical equipment on board and the cabin crew’s first aid training to better be able to respond to the medical emergency in an efficient manner by knowing in advance what is available from medications and equipment onboard as well as the support that can be obtained from the crew.

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How it works?

The Added Value

The Added Value for Doctors

The Added Value for Airlines

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Doctor on Board Program Terms and Conditions

Anything unclear or have a question? Reach out to our team.

  • A limited number of seats are offered on every flight, so doctors are encouraged to book early in advance to guarantee finding a seat on our preferred rates.
  • Doctors are expected to assist and support the cabin crew with on-board medical emergencies. However, doctors should only interfere with medical emergencies within their area of expertise and knowledge, and they are encouraged to refuse support if the case is outside their knowledge and capabilities and inform the crew in such cases.
  • The decision to divert a plane is solely the captain’s decision. The doctors will only be advisors to guide their decision only. 
  • Drinking and or taking sleeping pills is strictly forbidden on-board for member doctors when booking though SkyClin.
  • Doctors must provide SkyClin with a report of medical cases after each flight through their online portal to be able to book the next ticket through SkyClin.